Friday, 16 December 2011


So here in the frozen depths of winter there is very little growing... aside from Sal's stepdad's swedes, which are still bigger than my head and lining my worktop as I try to think of ever more ways to serve them. The recent winds and rains have blown my greenhouse to bits so I am collecting poles from around the garden. At least it was empty. I am looking forward to sitting down after Christmas and making a planting schedule. Some veggies and herbs will need to be planted in the early Spring so if you are growing, it's a good idea to make a list of what to do when.

I am out of paid work, though very much enjoying my voluntary radio stuff, so money has been an issue recently. That means I have sadly reverted back to the Co-op for the time being as I haven't had money for the veg box or to drive out to my shop which is quite a distance away. What I have enjoyed about being at Co-op is a lot of their eco friendly products that are cropping up so I thought I would highlight a few.

First up, it's the One company:
These eggs are almost permanantly 2 boxes of 6 for £3 which is a bargain because they are organic, free range beauties. The One company gives every penny of the profit from these eggs to help African farmers establish egg farms. That's brilliant.

Next up it's Method washing-up liquid:

This stuff has it all. It's derived from natural goodies, so it doesn't hurt the fish once you've flushed it down the sink. It's sold in a recyclable, 100% recylced plastic bottle. And what's more, it's not tested on animals. It won the House Beautiful Award 2011 for best cleaning product. It's concentrate, so you only need a little squirt and Co-op sell it for £2. Bargain.

Other great things they sell include their own brand organic cheese for just £2 for a big lump. They also do an ENTIRE free-range chicken for as little as a fiver. Why buy the breast when you can have the whole thing and make a delicious soup or a stock? That's what we did when we had early Christmas last week. Sal's stepdad also supplied a freshly shot pheasant and both birds were wonderfully tasty. I promise you, free range tastes better and it's better for your soul so ignore those cut-price nasty breast fillets and get the real deal. The effort will be worth it.

After Christmas, when I get back to Huddersfield, I am going to throw myself back into getting the Co-op out my life for all but their tuna (can't find pole and line caught anywhere else, anyone got any ideas?). I know I can make it affordable if I plan ahead and this mission still means a great deal to me.

Merry Christmas all,
A x

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