Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Movement and growth

Hello my lovely friend,
I am so sorry I have been absent. I have not abandoned my mission! It is pretty much a part of life these days. But there has been a big development...

I've moved to Slaithwaite!

Yes, Slaithwaite, home of the Green Valley Grocer, my favourite shop. I know that if I had never started this mission, and had never come out to Slaithwaite to see what the shop was like, I wouldn't be living here, happy in my little flat, a ten second walk from a beautiful selection of independent shops. This goes to show that you never know where things will take you when start. I can do pratically all my shopping now without having to visit a chain store of any kind. It's amazing.

In other news, I have started growing again. My greenhouse was stolen the day we got here to sell the metal as scrap which rather put a damper on things but luckily the herbs I had been growing were having a couple of days inside so they are now happily growing like weeds on my windowsill. Yesterday I planted several chilli plants. I had successfully killed some earlier in the year so I am giving it a bash, despite the slightly late planting date. I am hopeful that I will have some chillis at the end of the summer.

Sal has purchase a big window box and filled it with flowers, and we have ferns and ivy growing in the house so I feel surrounded by green and very happy. Yesterday I took a walk in the sun along the canal and thought how lovely it is to live outside of towns.

Lastly, I am thinking of starting to try and make some pennies from my cakes. I love baking and am thinking it would be wonderful to be able to offer a cake baking service to people where I can assure them their cakes are free-range, organic, and made with supermarket-free produce. I hope that there will be a lot of people out there who would appreciate knowing that their cakes are happy ones :) I will let you know how I get on.

More news soon, I am back on the writing now I have so much more to say,
Ash x

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